About Me

I am currently a software engineer at EA at the Maxis Emeryville, CA studio.

I received my master’s in Computer Science in 2013 and bachelors in Computational Media in 2011 at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Making video games is my passion! I love game jams and working on side projects. I’ve worked on some big name games such as SimCity(2013) and many small independent games through out the years.

Please check out some of the things I have worked on in this portfolio and the links below.


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Areas of Interest

Augmented Reality, Video Game Development, Programming, Visual Design, Art


C/C#/C++, AS3, Unity, JS, Vuforia SDK, Flixel, Player.IO, XNA, GLSL, HLSL/Cg, Photoshop, 3DS Max


Cosmic Adventure Squad – [ Game Jam Team Page ]

VGDev – [ Georgia Tech: Video Game Development SIG ]