10 Seconds of Joy

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10 Seconds of Joy is a game inspired by the following quote:

“Stuff your eyes with wonder . . . live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds.” – Ray Bradbury

Spread joy and optimism in an otherwise gray and pessimistic population. Once a person becomes an optimist, he or she has 10 seconds left to live. Live life to the fullest; spread your happiness. Your karma increases for each person’s life you change.

This game was created for Ludum Dare 27 where it placed 19th in audio and 32nd overall in the jam (team) division. The community loved our intuitive and unique game play along with the animation and audio feedback within the game. The theme for the jam was: “10 Seconds”.

For this jam, my team wanted to create something that was very easy to play, focusing on player feedback and experience. We created a system that layered several audio tracks based on the player’s performance within the game creating a more intense feel as the player did better within a level. I would have to say this is possible the most “complete” feeling game jam project I’ve made in a 72 hour period.


  • Status – Complete
  • Client – Ludum Dare 27
  • Engine – Flixel
  • Platform – Flash


  • Vu Ha – Lead Programmer
  • Rose Peng – Lead Artist
  • Johan Soriao – Composer


Ludum Dare 27 – 10 Seconds of Joy

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