I am the Wall

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I am the Wall is a unique puzzle game where you control Camy the Chameleon and help him steal Spanish paintings. Camy has the ability to consume wallpaper and use it to colorize his skin. Using his ability the player must carefully sneak past guards and security cameras.

This game was created for the 2010 Global Game Jam where it won second place at the SCAD Atlanta location. The theme of the jam was: “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain” and “Deception”

My team for this jam was fairly large and there were more participants over all. We were able to make several prototypes before finally settling on one idea. We tired a platformer where you had to run from a bull, but we thought that it wasn’t very fun. Then, we tried a vertical climber where you had to reveal platforms by using rain fall and a puzzle where you had to sneak around a museum.  These two ideas were pretty strong, but ultimately the puzzle game won out becoming I am the Wall. I particularly like the art style and overall design of the game.


  • Status – Complete
  • Competition – Global Game Jam 2010
  • Engine – XNA
  • Platform – Windows PC


  • Vu Ha – Programmer
  • Noah Witherspoon – Programmer
  • Rose Peng – Lead Artist
  • Aaron Sun – Artist
  • Alex Hunt – Level Designer
  • David Zimmerman – Level Designer


GGJ 2010 – I am the Wall

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