SimCity (2013)

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SimCity(2013) is the 2013 reboot of the classic city building game SimCity. Players act as mayors and build the cities of their dreams using intuitive tools, informative visualized data, and planning options. This SimCity is the first to feature multiplayer gameplay through region play where players can help each other by trading resources.

In the summer of 2012, I started an internship at Maxis that lasted until the end of the year were I had the privileged to work on the new SimCity. This was the first AAA game I have ever worked on. During the internship, I mainly worked on developing UI systems. My primary contribution to the game was the system that allowed players to select individual sims, cars, and other vehicles and see their name, information about what they are currently doing, and where they came from. Additionally, I worked on various UI elements in the multiplayer region aspect of the game such as the underlying UI logic for trade arrows and other various systems.


  • Status – Complete
  • Client – Maxis/EA
  • Engine – GlassBox
  • Platform – Windows PC


  • Maxis/EA
    • Vu Ha – Software Engineer UX/UI (Intern/Co-op)


Simcity Official Website

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